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Guns At Work

Do I Have the Right to Bare Arms at Work ?

With violence on the rise, not only in our communities but now at our place of work, some employees strongly believe that they should be allowed to bare arms for protection purposes.  The issue then becomes: In Florida, does an employee have the statutory right to bare arms at his/her place of employment?

The law is pretty clear on this issue in Florida.  Florida's "Bring Gun to Work" law codified in Florida Statutes, s. 790.251, with few exceptions, prevents employers from banning firearms on their premises as long as the employee has a concealed weapons permit and the firearm is locked inside a motor vehicle.  This law does not apply to schools, correctional institutions, nuclear power plants, defense contractors and employers involved with explosive materials.

Often employee handbooks will prohibit firearms on company premises, however, these handbooks should be tailored to ensure it is in compliance with the law.