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"The challenge for most employers is the overlapping of FMLA  

with other laws.".

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Family Medical Leave Act

The Family Medical Leave Act ("FMLA") is codified in ...and was enacted to afford employees the opportunity to take time off from work for personal medical reasons or for the care of a family member.   Often times employers face the challenge of how do they accommodate employees as required by law yet still have a functioning workforce.  While this may not be an easy feat, Federal, state, and local laws require employers to do so.  

The challenge for most employers is the overlapping of FMLA with other laws such as the American with Disabilities Act ("ADAA"), and worker's compensation laws.  This confusion is often shared by employees who, at times are not sure of the appropriate leave to request. 

Here, at the Law Offices of Valerie Kiffin Lewis, P.A., you can be assured that before legal advice is given, thorough research and application of the law as it relates to your particular facts has been done.   For additional information concerning FMLA, contact Valerie Kiffin Lewis, Esq. utilizing the form below or call (954) 252-3400.